Peace Vision Guides

Sue Averett, MA, MSW

 Director/Guide and Co-facilitator

Sue feels very honored to have stepped into the direction of the Peace Vision. A friend and student of the Reynas and their indigenous teachings and practices for more than two decades, Sue was asked to take the vision forward when Laynee and Sonne made the decision to retire and focus upon their writing and their art.  Sue is a career social worker and a Reiki Master Teacher who practices and teaches energy healing on an island in the Puget Sound. For more information about Sue and her background, see her Bio at

Erick Westphal

Guide and Co-facilitator

Erick has many years of experience as a social worker, youth mentor/specialist/advocate, and running leadership groups and support groups for children, teens, and adults. He is a certified life coach, and active participant/co-facilitator of men's spirituality groups with The Mankind Project. Erick also does improv and acting, and has directed dramas highlighting teen experiences and social issues.

Morgan Vanadisson


Morgan brings a fresh, youthful perspective to the Peace Vision, alongside a wisdom far beyond her years. She is a Reiki Master, and is currently studying to become a massage therapist and a yoga teacher.

Vercila Chacon, LCSW, LTRT


Vercila TRUSTS there is a higher power of great mystery that guides us to remember who we are. We are sacred energy consciousness of light and love. Our job is to learn to flow with this knowing. Vercila has NO DOUBT that the sacred energy consciousness of light and love changes the world, one person at a time. As Clinical Social Worker, Minister and Ritual Therapist, Vercila guides others to delve into their inner selves, heal, and shed what does not support their highest, authentic selves.

Shirley Jantz


Coming from a long line of (indigenous) bones, to paraphrase Libby Roderick, there is something innate and inherent about seeing and seeking harmony upon this Earth life. Some call that Original Wisdom; some our True and Spiritual Nature. What Shirley brings to this group is understanding, and vision for ultimate well-being. As Qigong instructor and practitioner of healing arts, each day is a prayer of connection. a deeper realization of this turning time. a hope for today, and tomorrow for wholeness, and sacred knowing. 🙏 May we meet there.